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Meet our cast of talented, up and coming Las Vegas comics who we feature regularly at the L.A. Comedy Club


Alex “koolaid” ansel

Within a year of Circuit City Closing down, Alex Ansel went from selling TV’s to being on TV. A Lifelong clown, Born in Texas just to spend the first 10 years of his life in Germany. He then spent his adolescence in various air conditioned buildings perfecting his videogame high scores. A Nerd of Texas size proportions, it was in Middle School where he was christened with the Nickname KOOLAID. Figuring there were worse nicknames to get, he stuck with it ever since. Alex’s appeal is wider than most, He’s a Fat guy from a Hispanic City, that dresses like rapper, has 2 Dads that are each other and family in the Military. It is all these experiences that Alex aka KOOLAID draws from and helped him win his first Comedy Competition with the Title “Funniest Person in South Texas”. He is the youngest comedian to have won the Title. Alex has appeared on CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates in his hometown of San Antonio. Alex performed at the Boston Comedy Festival and Won RAWartists "Performer of the Year" in San Antonio. What does Alex want to accomplish throughout all this? To live up to his namesake of KOOLAID by putting smiles on faces and getting people to say “Oh Yeah”. Recently he was handpicked to Open on tour with WWE Hall of Fame Pro Wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts for The "Unspoken Word Tour".


Bobby wayne stauts

Though birthed in Mississippi, Bobby Wayne Stauts is not your average Southerner. Raised in a mechanic shop by a father that was addicted to drag racing and a mother that was addicted to women, Bobby was guaranteed to have a different take on the world. After his parents split, for obvious reasons, the days of his youth were shared between Georgia and Mississippi, crossing Alabama every single trip. By the time high school graduation came around, he'd had enough of the South and moved to Texas where he got married and opened a business building custom cars. After failing miserably at both, he loaded up three garbage bags full of clothes (fortunately, the ex was a nice enough lady to pack for him) and without rhyme or reason, headed West. Not sure where he was going or should go, Bobby decided to vanish into the mobs of tourists passing through Vegas. Shortly after settling in, a group of friends convinced Bobby that he should try his hand at Stand Up and in an attempt to prove them wrong, he agreed. Having headlined over 40 colleges and universities, appeared on a handful of major television networks and becoming a regular on the Las Vegas strip in just a few short years, it's hard to disagree with that group of friends. Make some time to check out Bobby Wayne Stauts. You'll never look at Southern folks the same after you do.


Brandon Hahn

Brandon Hahn wears many hats. Outside of being an accomplished stand-up comedian with over 15 years of experience, Brandon is also known as ‘Gooch’ the afternoon on-air personality for KOMP 92.3 FM, the host of 2 podcasts (‘Rise To Offend’, ‘The Metal Sucks Podcast’), and an established sandwich enthusiasts. 

 The glamorous facade that is Las Vegas molded him into the sarcastic, quick thinking, fun loving gentleman we have today. Cutting his teeth in Vegas comedy clubs has taught Brandon how to adapt to almost any situation. 

 Lacking the essential skills needed to maintain a real job is what pushed Brandon into the fields that he is currently thriving in today.


Freddy Correa

While his single mother worked the graveyard shift at a casino in Reno, NV, Freddy would stay up and watch all the late night shows like Leno, Letterman, and Conan. Inspired by movies like The Three Amigos, Ace Ventura and shows like Seinfeld and SNL at the age of 11, Freddy directed his first comedy sketch using his older brother’s home video camera. Growing up he continued to entertain friends, family, and coworkers by doing impressions and characters he would create until one day Comedian Dave Mencarelli told him that he should try to do stand up comedy. Freddy began to perform at bars, open mics, and local comedy clubs. His passion is making people laugh. Freddy, now lives in Las Vegas, NV, where you can see him regularly every week at Las Vegas Live Comedy Club inside Planet Hollywood with Resident Headliner Edwin San Juan. When not on stage entertaining the Vegas crowds, he is interviewing the most interesting people on his online radio show, "Thanks for the Invite Podcast”. Catch Freddy hosting right here every Tuesday at 8PM!


Jason harris

Jason Harris is a comedian, actor, director, producer, writer and content creator who lives in Las Vegas, NV. That sounds like a lot – it is! – but Harris loves to keep busy. As a comic, he’s toured throughout the United States and in Europe. He headlined a DIY college tour that saw him performing everywhere from theaters to frat house porches. He was also one of the headliners during the initial installment of standup comedy at the Life Is Beautiful Festival. And he was the warmup comic for the hit television show Hell’s Kitchen for two seasons.

Harris created, wrote, directed, produced and costarred in the web series The Defeated which currently has six figure views on Facebook. 

After the Route 91 tragedy in Las Vegas, Harris led a group called “First Food Repsonders” and helped coordinate feeding 20,000 people including victims, family members, first responders, hospital staff, police and FBI. His story, which he first wrote as an article, he later cowrote as a comic and is part of the Image Comics graphic novel anthology Where We Live: A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas. At last count, that book had raised over $125,000 for those effected by massacre.

He writes about his passions and Harris is a food, music and pop culture writer for magazines including Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas Magazine, David Magazine, The Class Project and Vegas Magazine

He has sold multiple screenplays, had a television show on ABC and has written content for celebrities including Gordon Ramsay (for which he won multiple Addy Awards), Ronda Rousey, The Backstreet Boys, Tape Face and more.

A graduate from the Boston University Film School, Harris has studied acting and improv at The Joseph Bernard Acting Studio in Las Vegas and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angelese. He has appeared in films that have played festivals all over the world including the Sundance Film Festival, AFI and Austin Film Festival.

Harris is the grandson of Van Harris, a legendary comedian who spent more than six decades making people laugh. Most importantly, Harris is a father and his daughter Scarlett is the love of his life.


John Gilligan

American Comedian John Gilligan takes observational humor in a new direction, touching on subjects
such as growing up with both parents on the NYPD. Surviving a heart attack caused by a prescription medicine, and the brain injury he suffered as a result.

John perfected his delivery while serving as an adjunct instructor with the laborers union in Las Vegas, training nearly 10,000 workers at the Project City Center. Two years in a row, he was highest ranked safety instructor in North America, turning a 10 hour Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) class into a 10 hour comedy routine.

His self deprecating style of comedy covers a lifetime of injuries, including 8 knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery, 2 back surgeries including a spinal fusion, and being set on fire in an MRI after a surgery. No other comics seem to have a story about being attacked by a Peregrine Falcon in a friends kitchen. Due to the brain injury, John is limited to sticking with the facts to deliver his brutally honest stores for your enjoyment.

Traveling internationally, John has performed in such places as Dublin, Ireland’s Comedy Cellar and The International, Stand Up Antwerp, The Jenever Festival in Holland, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, the Cologne Comedy Festival in Germany, as well as shows in Utrecht Holland and Ghent Belgium.

Appearance on the Las Vegas episode of ABC’s Modern Family, and the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise are part of John’s acting resume, having performed in a number of award winning independent films.

A frequently used voice on CBS radio, John is also a favorite guest on podcasts worldwide due to his irreverent nature, quick responses, and hysterical comments.


Jozalyn Sharp

Jozalyn Sharp is a Nevada native who shares her unique experiences traveling and partying her way across the country onstage nightly. Her stand up is characterized by honest and unedited looks at sex, relationships, life and her own body. A self-proclaimed nerd, she rebelled against mainstream life after turning down massive scholarships out of high school to pursue a career in stand up comedy. Jozalyn rattles the cages of how women are supposed to speak and feel while regaling crowds with stories from her own life. Her candid and  honest look at the world coupled with her rebel nature makes her relate to both millennials and older generations. She can be seen all across the country and has been seen at The Crapshoot Comedy Festival, The World Famous Comedy Store, The Brea Improv, The World Series of Comedy, Laugh-A-War Comedy Competition, Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, Sin City Theatre, Zanies Chicago, The M Resort & Casino, Comedy and Dolls, Sam Tripoli's The Naughty Show, the Life is Beautiful Festival, The Stratosphere, LA Comedy Club, The Dirty at 12:30, and more. She was a 2018 Semi-Finalist in the StandUp NBC comedian search, and is coming to a city near you in 2019. She co-hosts two podcasts on iTunes: Metalsucks & Rise To Offend. You can catch her headlining on the Las Vegas Strip monthly at The Filth Factory at the L.A. Comedy Club inside The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino. Catch her featuring for Butch Bradley every Tuesday at 10PM right here at the L.A. Comedy Club!


manfred hein

Manfred Hein is from a small town just outside of Las Vegas, He started comedy in Reno Nevada while giving college the old college try. Shortly after starting comedy Manfred moved back to Las Vegas, since then he has worked stages all over the Las Vegas Strip and has done most major clubs on the south west coast. Now a paid regular at the LA comedy club Manfred is making his way up so catch him while you can.


Michael robertson

Michael Robertson is a new, up and coming stand up comedian from Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only did Michael start doing stand up (at an open mic) in Las Vegas, but he was also born and raised in The Entertainment Capital of the World. Michael often talks about living in a house full of kids. You may have heard of Fullhouse, but in Michael’s case, his house is just full. His witty charm and irresponsible parenting views keep audiences captivated. Michael and his Wife have four kids together, that range in age, from 1-7 years old. You can just imagine the craziness in that house.  

Since Michael’s first open mic, Michael has performed up and down the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. When Michael is not on stage, he works as a General Manager at the LA Comedy Club inside The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas. The LA Comedy Club is not only Michael’s Home Club, but it’s also his place of employment. 

This new stand up Comedian is on the rise. He has taken Las Vegas by storm, and has tons of potential. Not only is he witty, charming, and funny, but he is also a genuine human being. Help Michael spread love and laughter, by following him on his journey, and follow his social media. 


MIke krasner

Mike krasner is the son of a divorced Jewish and product of a broken home Originally from New York now living in Las Vegas. Starting out on Long Island , Mike quickly rose up the ranks playing all the major clubs, and becoming a regular at multiple clubs in NYC. In addition to stand up Mike also performed with one of the hottest improv groups in NY as a featured player. Mike uses a nice blend of life experience, daily observations and his unhealthy love of youtube to improv to relate to audiences of all kinds. You can find Mike nightly on the Las vegas strip.


Skillz hudson

The South Side of Chicago native Skillz Hudson is a Comedian and Actor. The former door-to-door salesman moved to California six years ago, in 2006, where he began his comedy career. Even though he has always Loved comedy, he had never seen himself as a stand-up comedian. It wasn't until after years of doing sales, and being told that TV was his calling, that he decided to leave and come to California. After his first time on stage inside the bar at a local Denny’s, he knew by the laughs and claps that he was hooked. Skillz learned that he was very versatile in making people from all different races and backgrounds laugh.

In 2013 he was a finalist in the 25th year anniversary Bay Area Comedy competition. During this time he has produced 2 standup DVDS; “Project Humor” and “Talkn Noise in LA." He’s also a former co-host for the internet talk show “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”. He's made a name for himself performing at clubs and colleges all around the country, as well as filming on an episode of “War on Comedy”.

His comedy inspires and motivates while it makes you want more. He's had the opportunity to perform with comedians such as Kevin Hart, Paul Rodriguez, Mike Epps, Loni Love, DL Hughley, Bill Bellamy and Dave Chappelle. Also a writer, Skillz has written and directed many comedy sketches for his website and in addition to Youtube. Skillz Hudson lives up to his name being able to bring the funny where ever he goes!


Spiro siavelis

Spiro Adam Siavelis grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and originally made his move out west to pursue his hockey career in 2005. After a neck and shoulder injury put an end to his hockey days, he dove heavily into improv comedy and never looked back. He joined Jest Serendipity, Las Vegas’ longest running improv show, in 2007 and transitioned to performing stand-up comedy shortly after. Fast forward to over a decade later and Spiro has rocked stages, with both improv and stand-up, at world renowned venues like: Planet Hollywood, The Palms, The Paris, The Flamingo, The Cosmopolitan, The LA Comedy Club inside The STRAT, The Plaza, Bally’s, The Wynn, The World Famous Comedy Store, HaHa Comedy Club, Levity Live Oxnard, Laugh Factory Chicago, and many more! Spiro packs a punch on stage with his high energy improvisation, observations, life experiences, and storytelling style. With his lovable personality, random references, and koala shirts he will stop at nothing to make sure you are entertained whether you like it or not!
Catch Spiro hosting right here Sundays at 10pm!


Steven roberts

Steven Roberts is the resident host for The Marsha Warfield Experience, right here at L.A. Comedy Club at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas, NV. He co-hosts the new podcast Video Jokers with comedian Kristeen von Hagen. Steven earned much attention and respect in the Las Vegas comedy scene as the host and producer of the highly regarded, underground, new-material-only show, THE STOOL.  He also produced and hosted the very popular L.A. Comedy Club Roast Battles in Vegas. In February 2018, Steven won runner-up at the Los Angeles-based US Comedy Contest, held at the world-famous Ice House Comedy Club.

Originally from the desert southwest, he happily calls Las Vegas home with his husband of fourteen years, Joseph, and their dogs, Hamlet and Egbert. His hilarious commentary on living in Vegas, being a latent Texan, and the joys of gay fatherhood delight audiences from all walks of life.